About Us

Our passion lies in improving people’s life and health
with pure ingredients from the Icelandic nature


The Story Behind The Eylif Product

Ólöf Rún Tryggvadóttir is the founder of the brand Eylíf.

The idea of Eylif came from Ólöf’s desire to produce high-quality materials that are sourced in Iceland and come from natural resources. The brand Eylif makes it easier for people to access high-quality materials that are sustainably produced in Iceland. We foresee the expansion of Eylif products to foreign audiences, however, we will start by selling domestically. 

Ólöf’s passion for health was a springboard from which Eylif was created. People can maintain and improve their health by taking good care of their lifestyle and health.

Ólöf believes that people can be cured of many physical and mental conditions by changing their lifestyle habits.

The key factors for a healthy lifestyle is to have a good routine that works for you. We believe that a good routine needs to have a balance between:

    • Sleep: Getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors for good health.
    • Activity: Some type of activity daily is important.
    • Mind: A positive mindset is vital, the mind is very powerful and people can control their wellbeing with the right mindset and mindfulness.
    • Eating Habits: A healthy diet, that consists of nutritious and non-processed foods.

We recommend that people find what works best for them to improve their health because everyone is different and the same practices do not work for everyone. We have linked research articles from Harvard scholars that discuss health and solutions to various problems here.  

Heilsan okkar, Heilsutorg og Heilsuver also have good sources regarding health., Heilsan okkar, Heilsutorg og Heilsuvera hsjá hér. 

. In addition, there are a couple of articles on our website here.

Ólöf Rún is a pharmacist and has a degree in Business Administration. She has roughly 30 years of experience in the field of consumer health products – working in a pharmacy and in retail. She also owned and operated her own health retail company for several years.

She is a wife, mother of three, and has one grandchild

In 2002, Ólöf was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. During her chemo, she used the power of the mind and mindfulness to control her well being and eventually recover from her illness.

She is a firm believer that everyone controls their own destiny and everyone can control their own health with the right mindset and behavior. Furthermore, she believes that everyone can improve their health by changing their eating habits and exercising daily. As a hobby, Ólöf rides horses, exercises, and meditates. She eats clean and avoids sugar, dairy, and meat. In her leisure time, she likes to plant trees and cultivate the land that she owns in the Icelandic countryside.

Good Things Happen Slowly 

It takes time, cooperation, and advice from people to create a brand. The idea started in 2016, but the work and preparation began in early 2018 and took about two years to create and develop.  

There are several experts behind the brand. A professional was chosen for each position needed.

The brand Eylíf and the product names that are associated with it were found by SAHARA, professionals in marketing. They also produced all of the promotional material and videos for us. 

The ideology behind the name Eylif comes from our passion for utilizing Icelandic raw materials. We promote the use of sustainable raw materials so that we can keep our island beautiful and maintain the vibrant life that it hosts.. The word Ey means island and líf means life and together it means forever. 

In total there were six women in the brainstorming group; Rósa María, Sirrý, Gíslína, Unnur Valborg, Edda, and Katrín. All of them have years of experience in the market, therefore, it was extremely valuable to have them share their opinions and ideas.

Two professionals from Matís, Rósa, and Sophie made the composition of all products in line with Ólöf’s vision.

Rúna Magnúsdóttir is Ólöf’s coach and helped her to reach all of her goals regarding the brand.

Ingibjörg Gréta Gísladóttir created the textual content along with Rakel Jónsdóttur.

Rakel Jónsdóttir translated the website

Photographer, Birgitta Stefánsdóttir, took all the photos used on the website.

Elsa Nielsen, at Kontor Reykjavik, designed the look of the brand.

Pharmarctica in Grenivík formulated and put together the prototype. They have years of experience in product ideation and use specialists for every task. Therefore, they take care of the production.

Artasan takes care of putting the products on the market.

Ólöf takes care of all marketing with SAHARA.

Thus, a professional for every aspect of the brand.

Our Motto is:  The first wealth is your health