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Eylíf Products Use Pure Icelandic Ingredients That Come From Sustainable Natural Resources

  • All herbs that we use are handpicked, dried, and sourced from a local Icelandic herb farm, located in Hafnafjörður.
  • Birch has been used for decades in Iceland to remedy various medical complications, and it has been proven to have anti-inflammatory effects
  • Seaweed is very nutritious and has been used as a food source for centuries
  • Angelica is a powerful herb that has been proven over the years to improve one’s health
  • Icelandic moss has given good results for the digestion
  • Yarrow has been used for many years for healing purposes, both internally and externally
Birch leaf

Products that we use Icelandic Herbs are Active JOINTS we use the Icelandic Birch and in Happier GUTS we use Icelandic moss.