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Svanni, a loan guarantee fund meant to support women in business and therefore to support innovation. In this year’s allocation, there were four firms that got a loan. Landsbankinn is a proud supporter of Svanni

About Eylíf, from the Founder:

Eylíf is a health product range, made from pure Icelandic raw material ingredients. “From the start, the main idea has been to put together in one product range, pure Icelandic raw material, coming from sustainable resources. “The name of the brand refers to the life on our wonderful island, the raw materials resources, and the eternity,” says Ólöf Rún Tryggvadóttir the Founder of Eylíf. Eylíf is produced in Iceland, the products are sold in all pharmacies, supermarkets, and also online at The interview is here in Icelandic; hér