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Sirry Arnardóttir, the former TV star, a Management Coach, and a Writer uses Smoother SKIN & HAIR from Eylíf and likes the product very much. You can see the interview here, but it´s in Icelandic: hér

Good health is based on diet and clean food

Sirry has always taken care of her diet and thought carefully of what she consumes, by eating healthy and nutritional food. ” I believe that what you eat affects your health and your skin as well as your hair. I grow my own vegetable and live a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and have always had healthy hair”. Healthy hair and body is based on what you eat.

Quit using cream and body lotion.

Soon after Sirry started to use Smoother SKIN & HAIR from Eylíf, she noticed that the skin and the hair were even smoother and softer. She noticed also that the hair loss was no longer an issue. “I don´t need to use as much makeup as before, and I am actually not using any cream or body lotion any longer. I simply don´t need it.”

The most precious resources are from the sea.

Sirry believes that the most precious resources are coming from the sea and nature. I am very proud to know what Eylíf and other Entrepreneurs are doing today, using the resources from the sea, and many of them are located at the Ocean Cluster. Besides feeling better, I like to know where the ingredients are from, and by using products like Eylíf´s, then I know it´s good Icelandic quality materials.