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He is often referred to as the Icelandic agent, the versatile man, Einar Bardarson. He shared his experience with Eylíf products in the local newspaper on October 1st, 2022. Here is an excerpt from his reviews of the product:

Einar oversees the Wetland Fund, and that includes both travel and wandering.
“At work, I walk a lot in nature, exploring the moorland. My feet often get wet and heavy, but now I don’t feel pain in my body at all. During my free time, I organize sports and recreational events for middle-aged people, such as cycling events and off-road races. Therefore, I need to prepare by looking at routes and wandering around the scene, which can be tens of kilometers, so that is why I need to have my joints feeling good.” Says Einar, happy with the results.
“When you have struggled with pain and are overweight, you tend to try to avoid exercising because it involves effort and knee pain. But when the pain disappears, which happened to me Active JOINTS, it takes a while to convince your head to no longer worry about running uphill. But it will come to the point where it says, “ It’s going to be alright; the pain is gone.” Good!

Just run! And then you do just that, says Einar happily.

The interview was published in the daily newspaper Fréttablaðinu on the 1st of October 2022.

Einar Bárðarson, Manager of the Wetland Funds